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lundi 26 novembre 2007, 16:34

Bienvenue sur Librejeu.fr

Bienvenue sur Librejeu.fr.
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Bon séjour sur Librejeu.fr !


jeudi 26 décembre 2013, 04:46

still borrow enough money to you

Zhao Lu questioned recording voice of woman, they apply to the court for identification of recording.
In order to prove that
in desperation, Li Yun later to call Zhao Lu mentioned money, began quietly with MP3 recording. Because two people every call for up to two or three hours, so this recording a total of more than 30 hours.
two years later, Zhao Lu come back from Singapore, half a year ago that Li Yun married. Originally, Zhao Lu left after more than a year, Li Yun also met the other girl, no Zhao Lu heard him, in their parents' urging with a guy named Zhang Qingqing (a pseudonym) girl married.
Li Yun: "in fact, I still love you, still borrow enough money to you, I didn't let you write a, you want to buy a house to buy a house, want to fry stocks...... (buy a house) that money is me, your mother didn't know." Girl: "already know, I am not erase your feelings."
soon, the wife of Li Yun Zhang Qingqing found the relationship between two people, plus Li Yun, Zhao Lu contacts also have some differences, based on these factors, in November of that year, two people part company each going his own way.
The mother and the agent
Zhao Lu home and Li Yun get in touch again later rekindling, from Li Yun's former girlfriend has now become "mistress". Li Yunchang to travel to Chongqing as an excuse, a date with Zhao Lu. In 2007 August, Zhao Lu traveled to Shanghai, asked Li Yun to help her find a job.
in May this year, Zhao Lu gave up the application for identification, but they admit only borrowed 70000 yuan Li Yun, as Li Yun hit the other money Zhao Lu mother's account, they said that Li Yun is doing business need a turnover, Zhao Lurang mother to Li Yun, and that money is repayment.
Jingchu net news (chutianjinbao) according to "Chongqing Evening News" reported in 2000, 23 year-old Li Yun of Shanghai to the Sichuan Chengdu when doing business, known in the local school at the age of 19 Chongqing girl Zhao Lu, soon two people fall in love. In 2005, Zhao Lu went to study in singapore. Because too far apart, and the connection between the two gradually reduced, so that the later broken links.
Li Yuncheng, in the communication process, Zhao Lu to buy a house, investment and other reasons to borrow 167000 yuan, but did not write IOU, and each time he borrow money, according to Zhao Lu's request to remit money Zhao Lu mother's account. Two people relationship, he asked Zhao Lu to pay back the money, although Zhao Lu admitted, but push not to also.
court accepted Li Yun recording evidence, that the two sides are borrowing 70000 yuan. As for Li Yun's other 97000 yuan of loans, the court thinks, Li Yun is not sufficient evidence to prove this.
money, Li Yun took out the recording. The judge played the part of the recordings.
half a year later, Li Yunjian Zhao Lu is still not paid means, hire lawyers will be Zhao Lu and his mother to court. Last October, in the case of Jiangbei District Court trial, Zhao Lu did not appear in court, but her mother out of court.

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