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mercredi 13 janvier 2010, 18:29

impossible d' ouvrir le jeu !

Bonjour, je n'arrive pas a ouvrir le jeu une fois qu'il est téléchargé ! Ca ouvre une petite fenetre où il y a marqué "error" . Pouvez vous m'aider ? Merci



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lundi 9 mai 2011, 22:35

J'arrive un peu tard pour te dire qu'il faudrait plus d'information.
Quelle est ta version de windows ? Quel est le message dans la fenêtre ? Peux tu poster une copie de ton écran en erreur ?


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lundi 3 septembre 2012, 16:54

Par contre il me semble que dans la version francaise ya pas le stokage de pierre/bois


jeudi 20 août 2015, 11:35

Merci !

Salut à tous,

Juste un petit message pour dire un grand merci à tous ceux dont les efforts ont permis cette traduction !

Par contre a priori cette dernière version du patch descend le jeu en version, il manque donc les ajouts et bugfixes de la dernière version du jeu Gold, à savoir :


### Gold - 12.03.2008

[FIXED] A bunch of translation issues
[FIXED] Red butterflies dropped too many insect parts
[FIXED] Tower Defense: Startsign was destructable
[FIXED] It was possible to store stuff in the bownet
[FIXED] loopmoveani did not affect vehicles
[FIXED] Adventure: Crystal rock removed (3. island)
[FIXED] Adventure: Catching a parrot did not work after loading a savegame
[FIXED] Loading/saving bug with item in hand if type id>255
[FIXED] Items with invulnerability state do not rot anymore
[FIXED] Last row of items in the exchange screen was not visible
[FIXED] create event has not been executed in load or start events
[FIXED] copychilds/pastechilds -> copychildren/pastechildren
[FIXED] Files without inf extensions have been loaded as definitions
[FIXED] extendscript sometimes mixed up variables
[FIXED] Combination problems while player had many items
[FIXED] "Attack 2" was still available after dropping the item
[FIXED] Problems with positiong- and mapscript in editor
[FIXED] Impact-event has not been executed in some cases
[FIXED] seqcls has not been cancelled at the end of a sequence
[FIXED] no more shark/piranha attacks at beginning of random maps
[FIXED] progress-bar bug with more than 255 objects, units or items
[FIXED] randomcreate returned always 0
[FIXED] spawntimer returned 0 on multiple kill-events at the same time
[FIXED] Treehouse is now only buildable at full-grown trees
[FIXED] "healthchange" (definition) did not work on objects
[CHANGED] Special-potions do not disappear over night anymore
[CHANGED] Factor 100 with sin/cos/tan optional
[CHANGED] Blood activated by default (gore=1 in game.inf)
[CHANGED] Items are now listed depending on order of collection
[CHANGED] Moss spawns less mushrooms
[CHANGED] Some palms (type 4 and 7) deliver more logs
[CHANGED] Lions deliver more skins
[CHANGED] Turtles now deliver skin too
[CHANGED] Bananspalms spawn monkeys
[CHANGED] Icons improved
[CHANGED] slingshots can shoot teeth and claws
[CHANGED] Starfishes can be used as throwing stars (weapons)
[ADDED] Random events and characters on random islands
[ADDED] Animated state borders
[ADDED] Groups for buildings
[ADDED] Alignment parameter for "cscr_text"
[ADDED] Tooltip parameter for "cscr_text" and "cscr_image"
[ADDED] Additional mode for "projectile"
[ADDED] Trading in dialogues
[ADDED] Additional values for "getsetting"
[ADDED] Scriptcommand: buildsetup
[ADDED] Scriptcommand: rpos
[ADDED] Definitions: terrain_color_XXXXX (game.inf)
[ADDED] Definition: showemptybuildinggroups (game.inf)
[ADDED] Behaviour: killerbird (units)
[ADDED] Unit: transport monkey (trainable)
[ADDED] Unit: eagle
[ADDED] Object: big storage (buildable)
[ADDED] Object: garden (buildable)
[ADDED] Object: hammock (buildable)
[ADDED] Object: monkey school (buildable)
[ADDED] Object: palisade (buildable)
[ADDED] Object: gate (buildable)
[ADDED] Object: wood storage (buildable)
[ADDED] Object: stone storage (buildable)
[ADDED] Object: aerie
[ADDED] Item: claw spear
[REMOVED] Scriptcommand update button (in editor)

Merci à vous :)

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